To order the book  

For orders of less than 10 copies the price is SEK 70 per copy plus postage (350g).

For orders of 10 or more copies the price is SEK 60 per copy plus postage.

 For deliveries within Sweden you can order by paying in to PostGiro account 690143-3, Lärarförbundet, Västerås U1 c/o Hillivi Borgh. On the Giro slip you should write ’Living together in a World of HIV/AIDS’ and your name, address and telephone number.

For deliveries outside Sweden please send enquiries to:

Lärarförbundet U1

Hillivi Borgh
Nedre Skepparbacken 5
72187 Västerås

 If you wish to collect the books, please call +0222 10968 or +070 7510968.

 For further information, please contact;

 The Swedish Teachers’ Union;

Monica Hildingstam

Marie Viberg

The Nurses’ Union;

Maria Sundell

Päivi Karmakar