In the book, there are poems written by children and young people and you can read some of them here.
If you would like to write a poem about your thoughts about HIV and AIDS, you are welcome to send it us at
send@hivaidsbok.se and it will be shown here.


Girl child


From a poor family

Wit an empty stomach.

Without shoes because they can’t
afford any.

In class she smiles.

Because she keeps everything to herself.

She will learn. Yes she will.

Why not?
Maybe she will be the President, doctor

Or teacher of tomorrow.


Girl from Mutanda school,



   Jag vet att hiv/aids är en sjukdom.
   Jag vet att många barn är smittade.
   Jag vet att många har dött.

   Många barn bor med sin mormor eller farmor.
   Varför hjälper inte rika länder till?
   Varför finns så lite mediciner?
   Jag undrar vad man tänker när man ska dö?

   Sanna 11 år, Sverige

                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   I know HIV/AIDS is a  disease.
   I know many children are infected.
   I know that many have died.

 Many children live with their grandmothers-
 Why don't rich countries help?
   Why are there so few medicines?

 I wonder what you think when you are dying?

   Sanna 11, Sweden  


  A Cry - Voices of Orphans


  We wish we could
  turn back the hands of time.
  To the time when all was well,
  when we could come home
  from school and call out
  to our Mother and hear her call back.

  She was there to attend to our needs.

  Now she is gone
  Now all are memories
  of her sweet voice and comforting words

  Now all is no more
  Now all are memories
  Mothers out there, hear our cry


  Rutendo  5A